Squeeze Display is a full screen application that shows what is currently playing on your Squeezebox, it's primarily designed to act as a "Now Playing" screen on a tablet.

Except for artist name and album/track title it also display artist images from last.fm. However, neither this application nor the developer is endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by last.fm.

The current version don't work if the Squeezebox Server or Logitech Media Server is password protected, and it doesn't work with players only connected to mysqueezebox.com.

For support contact developer according to contact information on Google Play:

If you like to download the apk file manually for installation of a device that doesn't support Google Play, it's avaialble on my normal download page. As an example, some users have reported that it works to install on Amazon Kindle Fire this way.

More information about my other software offerings can be found on my main page